Big Sky Firmware is the primary technology consulting practice of Joe Buczek, a veteran software developer based in Billings, Montana. Mr. Buczek earned a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from Florida Atlantic University with studies in Computer Systems and Physics. Mr. Buczek works with a network of highly experienced engineers who can contribute when a project's scope demands additional resources and skills.

Projects ranging from microcontroller firmware and embedded applications, through and including ASIC design and complete high volume consumer product designs are possible with the network of professionals that can be assembled. Big Sky Firmware can drive new designs as well as optimize, debug, and enhance existing designs. Expert witness services to assist in software patent litigation are also offered.

Over 23 years of self-employed experience working independently and remotely, collaborating with large and small teams.

Software Design And Implementation

Noted Contributions

Contributed to the MacOS and ROMs for Mac IIx, SE/30, IIcx, IIci, IIfx, LC, Classic, IIsi, Quadra 700 & 900, Powerbook 100, 140, Duo 210 & 230, Powerbook 3400 and the Pippin
Developed the prototype display demo for Lab126 that became the Amazon Kindle.
Developed the Bluetooth middleware for the Tesla Model S.
Developed the initial prototype and software for several models of ChargePoint's EV chargers.


  • C, C++, C#, Python, and assembly
  • make, git, JIRA
  • Linux, FreeRTOS, Greenhills µ-velOSity, RTOSes, eCos, on the metal
  • ARM (ST, Atmel, Freescale), PIC, MSP430, 8051, x86, 68k variants, ARC
  • CAN, I2C, SPI, UART and other device interfacing
  • automotive gateway systems and ECUs
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Nordic ANT wireless
  • metrology
  • cellular modem integration
  • oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, protocol analyzers
  • reading schematics

System Analysis

  • design requirements
  • trouble-shooting
  • patent litigation / expert witness


Recent projects include automotive gateway systems, CAN bus drivers and interfacing, and realtime projects on ST ARM systems using FreeRTOS.

Highlighted projects and clients

Client Services
Allied Telesyn BSP and eCos RTOS port for 486 based managed Ethernet switch platform / Lab126 Amazon Kindle eBook reader display prototype bring up and demo
Apple Computer operating system and firmware development; system bring up; device drivers, tools, data security and authentication system using RSA BSAFE library
Cidco Solaris based POP3 mail server proxy for custom email appliance devices
Claris Corporation assisted in the development of HyperCard 2.1
Cobalt Networks software technology assessment and decision support
ChargePoint prototype bring up of ARM, TI, and ST micro SOCs, linux device drivers, CAN bus drivers, isolation monitor power metrology, EV charging station applications
Crag Technologies RTOS evaluation and porting decision support
Explore Technologies firmware development for 8032 based high volume consumer educational toy (interactive globe)
Gracenote platform independent protocol library and local caching client database for CDDB media identification product
Leapfrog firmware development and ASIC bring up for high volume ARC-based consumer educational toy (Leapster); sprite graphics display engine and animation benchmarking tool
Light Source Computer Images development of image data cache technology for OFOTO Macintosh scanner application software
Medior multimedia asset editor/management tool to assist in rapid development of data driven multimedia entertainment titles
MicroFit serial communications interface DLL for computerized exercise equipment; Windows interface DLL for capacitive body fat scale
Moto Development Group firmware for PIC based Windows Vista auxiliary display demo shown at the WinHEC 2005 keynote
NeoScale linux porting analysis and decision support
OnLIVE co-design and development of internet chat system including server and Windows chat client application technologies
Openwave Systems Java based client library for a cell phone WAP Push Gateway
Radius technology and decision support on development of a family of Macintosh processor accelerator products
Rubin / Anders Scientific patent litigation support / expert witness
Sentinel Vision bring up and development of embedded Linux security camera appliance, imager FPGA, I2C, and keypad drivers
Softbank Venture Capital technology due dilligence services supporting venture capital investors
SK Communications assisted in several development projects including a real time surgical display system, voice activated control system prototype, and communication software
Sony Computer Entertainment streaming video software technology assessment and decision support for Sony Playstation
Staccato Communications custom operating system for an Ultra Wideband (UWB) wireless ARM9 based SOC ASIC; prototype hardware and firmware for a security user interface prototype
Starlight Networks Quicktime media handler plug-in for streaming custom video data from a LAN
Tom Grimm & Associates firmware for a PIC based toy prototype
University of British Columbia analysis and decision support for a distributed streaming media project
Visyx bring up and firmware development for an embedded ARM7 based oil viscosity sensing system; enhancement of Modbus protocol stack; development of Modbus test utility in C#
Vuetia embedded Dragonball based linux remote security camera system and remote device service platform software and firmware
Wham-O, Inc. firmware for a PIC based electronic hula-hoop prototype
ZeroG Wireless Windows PCI bus device driver used for custom FPGA development

Contact: business at bigskyfirmware dot com

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